The Osmond’s Christmas Tree

I  pondered the growing dilemma of the “old-fashion” Christmas Card. I have made cards for years and enjoyed the experience of creating something special for my friends and family.

Christmas-TreeThis year I received a surprise from a very strange place, Facebook. It was an electronic card that featured me. It took all of the pictures on my timeline plus an ad from Wal-Mart and packaged it into a card better than I could ever have done. The pictures were ones that fiends posted of me which is ok, because I don’t post much, and the ad… It was perfect. I hate shopping at Wal-mart because of the noise level and acoustics, so the irony made me laugh until I cried. Please share your Facebook cards, I love looking at them!! They give me the same joy as creating cards from paper and glue.

Having said that, if you click HERE you will have an opportunity to decorate your own tree. In my own way, I created something special for you this year. Have fun.

I hope you find peace and joy in the year to come.

The Lake Villa Osmonds