Joanne Osmond brings order out of chaos. Her efforts in school board governance have improved the dialog between our community, setting expectations for our school district, and reporting the results from our administration back to the school board and community as a whole. Her leadership efforts have attained attention around the state of Illinois with many school districts now using this model, or a form of it, for their own local education governance initiatives.


Joanne devotes herself to many causes throughout our community, but her passion and leadership on our School District 41 School Board has made our schools fiscally sound and recognized for educational excellence throughout the state.

Her expertise is in school governance and policy. Without sacrificing education and fiscal responsibility, Joanne has woven a systematic approach to school board responsibility that is true to the intent of a democratic government entity. Her strength is appreciated not only locally but also state-wide as she served as the President of the Illinois Association of School Boards representing the diverse population of students in Lake County and Illinois. Joanne still serves the IASB as Immediate Past-President. Lake Villa District 41 is one of a handful of schools that has been recognized four times with the IASB School Board Governance Recognition. Each year requires additional improvement over and above the previous recognition.


She is counselor and workshop facilitator providing programs that assist entrepreneurs as they strive to reach their goals. Joanne has adapted the quality programs she learned at Abbott Laboratories to small businesses. Her objective is to help every small business develop a vision of what they can achieve as they stabilize their business through understanding financial reports, grow their business through effective target marketing, and innovate their operations by thinking out of the box.

Joanne assists SEDOL (Special Education District of Lake County) as a member of the Executive and Governing Boards.

Joanne is not afraid to take well thought out risks and seek inspiration from those who strive to help others fulfill their dreams.