Illinois Association of School Boards

Joanne Osmond served as the Director for the Lake Division representing the Lake County School Boards at the Illinois Association of School Boards for ten years prior to her election as the Vice-President of the IASB in November 2015 and President in 2017. Joanne current serves the IASB as Immediate Past-President.

Joanne Osmond is committed to excellence in education from early childhood through college. She has a long track record of judicious spending and fiscal responsibility while focusing on the whole child. She dedicates effort to bringing educational equality to a diverse population.

Whatever Joanne’s involvement in a specific program, leadership position, board, or executive committee; her talent has been to make sure that it’s run better, more productive, more insightful, and more conscientious after she has left.  There are good leaders but few such as Joanne, who have left such a trail of total instruction.

She has served as an officer of the Lake Division of the IASB for 20 years and elected to serve eight years as the Director representing all Lake County School Districts on the state association board. She currently serves on the IASB Executive Committee and Immediate Past-President of the organization. She is a frequent presenter at the IASB annual conference in Chicago and has presented at the National Association of School Boards Conference. Since its inception in 1913, IASB has a long and proud tradition of serving public school leaders. Today, 98 percent of Illinois public school districts are members of the Association. Their service to Illinois districts and nearly 6,000 elected school board members is what IASB is all about. The vision of the Illinois Association of School Boards is excellence in local school governance supporting quality public education. Read more about our Vision and Mission Statement. In our effort to fulfill that vision and mission, IASB staff has adopted Staff Standards, or in other words, what our members have a right to expect from us.