Lake Villa District 41

School Board Member

Joanne has served on the Lake Villa Elementary School Board since 1995 where she served many roles including president, secretary, IASB, and SEDOL representatives. Her passion is in policies and school governance. In 2011, 2014, 2017, and 2019 her district was recognized for Excellence in School Governance. The Lake Villa District 41 School Board is one of only a handful of districts to earn the “School Board Governance Recognition” which acknowledges school boards that learn and practice effective governance behaviors as identified in IASB’s Foundational Principles of Effective Governance, through participation in and support for board development programs and events. The primary focus of this program is on full board development and participation rather than individual board member efforts. Effective school boards understand that excellence in local school board governance requires full board commitment to obtaining the knowledge, skills and abilities critical to good governance.

Thw Lake Villa School District 41 recognizes that to achieve excellence takes everyone – all stakeholders!

Policy 1:30 School District Philosophy

Our Mission

To achieve excellence by empowering and inspiring students to learn, lead, and serve.

Our Vision

All students will achieve excellence.

All students are leaders.

All stakeholders are actively engaged in education.

Our Beliefs

We serve each other with trust and value open communication among all stakeholders.

We believe all learn in unique ways and can be successful.

We deserve a safe and respectful environment where everyone working together will be challenged and encouraged.

Our Motto

Achieving excellence takes everyone.