Illinois SBDC at CLC

Joanne Osmond worked with the Illinois SBDC at the College of Lake County providing training and mentoring for entrepreneurs who want to start or grow their business from 2003 – 2018. Market Drafters was born because she listened to her clients and realized that start-ups did not have the resources to have a web presence. She provided web design and web hosting that allowed clients to maintain their own web sites. Maket Drafters is no longer in business, however she still provides entrepreneurs with web and social media support through her SBDC Counseling.

In addition to providing counseling on developing a web presence, Joanne has expertise in marketing, human relations, training,  customer service, technology, basic business finances, and business organizations based primarily on her over fifteen years of experience coaching clients from all walks of life.

Joanne has assists in planning and hosting the Small Business Success in Lake County conference that provided small business owners with the latest in growing their business.

Beginning in 2002, Joanne volunteered at the Illinois SBDC (Small Business Development Center at College of Lake County). She was on the Advisory Board, was an advisor, facilitator, organizer of entrepreneur events, designs courses, and represents SBDC and College at Lake County events. She developed ten online e-training classes to augment classroom train when enrollment declined in classroom workshops. She was a major contributor to Small Business Success in Lake County an annual forum for small business owners as an organizer, presenter, and web designer. She provided webinars to entrepreneurs on topics relevant to their business needs.

Joanne served as a counselor and presenter on behalf of the center assisting small business owners across Lake County in their efforts to start and grow their businesses. She was frequently requested to comment for newspaper articles in their business section. She was asked to present a marketing segment for the online version of NxLeveL training for entrepreneurs.

Small Business Spoken Here, a DBA for The Vision Tree, Ltd. was formed to provide online and blended training for the Lake County Community. The program was adopted by the State of Illinois, then expanded to include Business Advisor Certification.

Lake County ATHENA PowerLink

She was a founding member of Lake County ATHENA PowerLink Governing Board which selects women business owners who were mentored as they grew their businesses to the next level. Over the years she worked with the selection process and assisted in facilitating five WBO and their panels. With the SBDC and the College of Lake County, Joanne was the Co-chair for ATENA PowerLink, providing women with boards and support to take their business to the next level.